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For around the $200 mark, this metal detector is loaded with features that don’t fail to impress. If this is your first metal detector, then you’ll want an entry-level model, so as not to be overwhelmed with features and make the experience more stressful than it is enjoyable. The Ace 440i provides five search modes for specific types of metals: zero-discrimination for all metals (including nails, etc), jewellery, relics, coins and a custom option for dialling in your own preferred settings. Garrett is one of the best-respected players in the metal detecting arena, and this model pretty much has it all. The bright, easy-to-read LCD screen features simple icons that tell you roughly what may be waiting down below, and there are buttons for coil sensitivity and audio volume.

You can create custom notch discrimination patterns – although beginners might feel more comfortable using one of the five pre-set modes. Garrett’s excellent Iron Audio is included, which isn’t found on cheaper metal detectors. For beginners who might find the ID scale daunting, there is still the visual ID option with segments for copper, iron, gold and other metals. This is one of the reasons I recommend the 400 over the cheaper ACE 350, as the lower-priced model only has a basic visual ID function. It’s a bit more expensive than the Fisher F22, but comes with extra features that aren’t found on the cheapest metal detectors.

Headphones may also extend battery life for less current is required and operating time is significantly increased as well. Some are shaped like a flat S, which places the LCD/meters, and control ,in easy adjustment and viewing. Most manufacturers include stabilizers as standard component of metal detectors though there are some that offer them as optional equipment. It is usually a brace that add comfort in supporting the detector’s weight.

Having choices makes this machine handy in a variety of settings, particularly at beaches where you get a lot of ground interference. Dealing with highly mineralized soil is easy for this machine, and at the mere flip of the switch, you can select a low, normal or high mineralization setting.

Selecting the perfect metal detector isn’t as easy as it looks, especially for beginners. So I hope that with this guide you can make a choice to buy the right Gold Detector and that you now know what the best metal detector for gold and silver is. For the smaller gold nuggets you are probably also going to search in rivers or near lakes here you should take into account that you buy a detector that is fully waterproof. But sometimes you also have to deal with hot rocks a hot rock can be described as: a stone that does not contain valuable mineral gold or silver but does generate an acoustic signal reaction to a metal detector.

Significant Elements Of Metal Detector Examined

This metal detector doesn’t just rely on the screen to let you know if your battery is about to die – it will let you know that by sound as well. Choose from two modes to match your needs: the all-metal mode will help you search for all types of metal and the disc mode will help you to distinguish just three types of metal while ignoring the others.

Prospecting mode is for hunting for gold in its natural state – gold dust or nuggets. Mixed Mode Pro mode allows combining of audio discrimination adjustment with “All Metal” having Hi Pro parameters. Sensitivity, discrimination, ground balance and audio signal are easily adjusted using the menu. The device’s menu has 6 units with a user-friendly interface that ensures fast settings adjustment and start of treasure hunting.

All Bounty Hunter metal detectors come with a five-year limited warranty that backs faulty machinery. This ensures that you do not waste your time digging up trash and you focus your time on the precious metals and valuable treasures you want to find. This is also a good beginner detector for young adults and kids. As you are going along the detector adjusts according to whatever is underneath you.

We have enjoyed working with Michael, Daniel and their esteemed team at Detector Electronics Corp. I have been impressed by the professional approach and the experience of Daniel, Michael and the entire team at Detector Electronics Corp. We at Treasure Products, manufacturer of the Vibra-Probe and Vibra-Tector, want to congratulate Daniel and Michael on the admirable milestone of being in business for over three decades. They have done a fine job representing the Detector Pro line since it was first introduced in 1996. I have enjoyed working with Michael, Daniel and their team at Detector Electroics Corp.

But, as the seller indicates, its detecting range is limited to three feet. One of the benefits of this device is that it can track all types of metals. Also, this sports electronic pinpointing, three types of audio alerts, and even adjustable sensitivity. As an unbiased buyer, it is easy to see why this unit poses concerns.

We were surprised to find an iron audio adjustment option on this Teknetics detector, but found that it’s not really similar to the one on the (much) higher priced AT Pro; it simply can be set to “sound louder” when passing over iron. Those all combine to let you find just about any metal and tell you exactly what you’ve found. The included headphones can’t be used underwater but everything else on this unit can, to a depth of ten feet. Those audio settings are cool because the “iron audio” option lets you screen out alerts for trash and objects you’re not interested in and “proportional audio” has many different sounds representing the characteristics of all objects in the ground. And there are six modes of operation, three for beginners and three for experienced users who want better audio signals and faster recovery time between searches.

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